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28th Festival Fall 2015, Boston, USA:


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Georges Devdariani was born in 1974 in St.Petersburg (Leningrad). In 1993 he graduated with honors from the Musical College of the Rimsky-Korsakov State Conservatory majoring in clarinet and conducting. Since 1993 Georges has been living in the Netherlands, where he continued to study music at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. In 2002 he graduated from this institute with a MM (Master or Musical Arts) diploma having majored in musical theatre. He has also studied drama at the Amsterdam Theatre School De Trap (where he graduated in 2005).

Georges has won a special prize at the “St.Petersburg Reflected in World's Musical Culture" competition (2007) and a Third prize at the International Festival of the Arts “The Rainbow of Sounds” (2008). Since 1992 Georges has been taking part at different national and international musical projects and since 1999 at (musical) theatre, film and television projects.

Since the start of Georges's film career in Russia he has been attached to such epic productions as "Stalingrad" (2013), "The Young Guard" (2014) and "Mata Hari." Georges is member of the Belorussian Film Actors Guild and The Union of Concert Performers of St.Petersburg.

Жорж Девдариани - концертирующий музыкант (кларнетист) и актер театра и кино.



Anton Faynberg is a Russian-American pianist. His artistic aim is to present traditional and non-traditional music in a personal and relatable manner. As a conduit for the creative process, Faynberg filters impressions through a highly individualized imaginative system in an attempt to make the familiar unfamiliar, and vice versa. Graduated from Oberlin Conservatory, and completing doctoral work at the University of Arizona, Faynberg's musical roots are steeped in the Russian pianistic tradition, and colored by a postmodernist aesthetic and a metaphysical preoccupation.

Антон Файнберг - пианист, выпускник Университета штата Аризоны, заканчивает работу над диссертацией о симбиозе поэзии Иосифа Бродского и музыки Альфреда Шнитке.



Zakhar Ishov was born in St. Petersburg, Russia and since 1990 has been living in Berlin, Germany. In 2008 he received Ph.D. in English Literature, summa cum laude, FU Berlin, Thesis: “Post-horse of civilization: Joseph Brodsky Translating Joseph Brodsky.” Ph.D. in Russian and Italian Literature, Yale University. Dissertation: “Joseph Brodsky and Italy.” (submitted May 2015). Awards: In 2009 recipient of the Charles Hall Grandgent Award from The Dante Society of America. Organized and participated in several panel on translation. Last publication: “With a View of the Sea” by Joseph Brodsky translated from Russian with Glyn Maxwell (The New York Review of Books, April 25, 2013).

Захар Ишов - историк и литературовед, автор двух докторских диссертаций;  последняя, «Иосиф Бродский и Италия», написана в Йельском университете.



Dr. Tatiana Kholostova, Professor at Baltic State Technical University (“VOENMECH”), was born in Leningrad, where she received a degree in teaching physics in English. Expanding the range of her interests, she has also studied philosophy, psychology, sociology with the faculty of St. Petersburg University, perfected her knowledge and practical experience in St. Petersburg, Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, and enhanced her skills by frequent visits to the United States. Professor Kholostova has developed a universal approach to students that allows her to define their role as participants in the educational process and to establish the best ways of encouraging their interaction. She speaks at conferences, writes articles on philosophy, psychology, and educational theory. Her reference guide to English grammar published in 2009 and again in 2011 is used by students of technical specialties throughout the universities of Saint Petersburg. Tatiana is a great friend of the Educational Bridge Project and taken an active part in its project almost since its inception. In recent years, her students have been involved in the conference, "Dialogue of Cultures," which she organizes in St. Petersburg and actively participate in other festival events.

Татьяна Холостова - профессор кафедры иностранных языков Санкт-Петербургского государственного технического университета им. Д.Ф. Устинова.


Maria_Lyudko                         Maria_Lyudko_2015

Maria Lyudko is one of the most spectacular singers of today's St Petersburg. Those who have heard her voice will never forget the charming timbre of both deep and sparkling soprano, her profound expression, and her premeditated and style-wise faultless interpretation.
Born into a family of opera singers, Maria Lyudko began to study music at the age of four, and made her operatic debut aged eight, singing the role of Nightingale in N. Bryansky's comic opera The Quartet. She graduated from the special music school for gifted children, later graduated from both musicology and vocal departments of the Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory in St Petersburg, and earned a doctor of musicology academic degree.

Maria Lyudko has recently been appointed Head of the Chamber Singing department at the St Petersburg State Conservatory in addition to heading up the Early Russian Vocal Music Department. She is the winner of many international and All-Russian competitions and holds the title of Honored Artist of Russia.

Мария Людько - колоратурное сопрано, профессор, зав. кафедрой камерного пения Санкт- Петербургской государственной консерватории им. Н.А. Римского-Корсакова.



Alexey Osipov was born in 1993 in St.Petersburg, Russia. He graduated from the Special Music School of the St.Petersburg State Conservatory (classes of Vladimir Ovcharek and Vera Dobrinina). From 2010 to 2014 Alexey studied with Pierre Amoyal at the Conservatoire de Lausanne – HEM in Switzerland. He is currently studying there with Svetlana Makarova. He has participated in both Russian and International music festivals. Osipov has taken first prize in the International Violin Competition in Paris; the International Festival-competition “Window to Europe,” St.Petersburg; the International Chamber Music Competition “Charles Hennen Concours,” the Netherlands; International Violin Competition “Premio Rodolfo Lipizer” in Italy (Diploma and special prize). He is the winner of the Lalive Foundation Audition and the Special Prize Winner of the Lausanne Music Competition.

Алексей Осипов - скрипач, лауреат международных конкурсов, заканчивает Лозаннскую Консерваторию (Швейцария), класс профессора С. Макаровой.



Андрей Решетник - фортепиано

Andrei Reshetnik, piano



Recently in celebrating the 70th jubilee of renowned Russian musician Zora (Zoriyat) Tsuker, the entire city of St. Petersburg became a month-long festival of music and piano pedagogy. A multitude of concerts by her students and their students honored her outstanding contributions to the training of young artists over the years. Zora Tsuker teaches piano at one of the most prestigious of Russian music schools, the famous Central Special Music School-Lyceum of the St. Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory. Among her students are International Tchaikovsky Competition 2007 Laureate Miroslav Kultyshev as well as Inga Dzekzer and Alexey Zuev, recipients of the Géza Anda piano competition, the Monte Carlo Piano Masters competition and the Prokofiev Competition. Ms Tsuker studied at the Lvov Conservatory with Professor Alexander Edelman who, as a young musician, was a classmate of Vladimir Horowitz in Professor Blumenfeld’s class. An Honorable Member of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Society since 2000, Zora Tsuker was awarded the title “The Best Teacher of the Year” by the City of St. Petersburg.

Зора Цукер -знаменитый российский фортепианный педагог (Средняя специальная музыкальная школа-лицей при Санкт-Петербургской государственной Консерватории им. Н.А. Римского-Корсакова).



Alexey Vyakhirev was born in 1994 in Syktyvkar (Komi Republic) and began his piano lessons in the Syktyvkar Music School at the age of six. His teacher was Galina Rasputina. In 2009 he entered the Special Music School of the St. Petersburg State Conservatory where he studied under the leadership of Professor Zora Tsuker.

Currently Alexey Vyahirev studies at the St.Petersburg Conservatory with Miroslav Kultyshev. Alexey has won grants from the “National Education’s Project” of the Russian Ministry of education and the Komi Republic government (years 2005, 2007, and 2009). He has been a prizewinner at the Nord-West region of Russia’s competition named after Rimsky-Korsakov (II prize), the all Russia Competition “Young gifted musicians” (I prize). He has also participated in music festivals like the All Russia Festival “Delphian Games,” Samara, and performed in concerts in Germany.

Алексей Вяхирев - студент фортепианного факультета Санкт-Петербургской государственной Консерватории им. Н.А. Римского-Корсакова (класс лауреата Международного конкурса им. П.И. Чайковского 2007 года, М. Култышева).



Victoria Viracheva works as an assistant professor of English at the Saint-Petersburg Baltic State Technical University (VOENMEKH). She has been preparing her students for taking part in the conference “Dialogues of Culture” organized by Professor Tatiana Kholostova at VOENMEKH. She participates in all activities of the Educational Bridge Project.
Professor Viracheva is interested in all facets of the English language. She would like to know more about the culture and history of English-speaking countries as well. She has pursued two types of higher education: in 1986 she graduated from the Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute, and in 2010 from Linguistics University of Nizhny Novgorod. Now she is working on her interests in concepts of “culture” and “civilization.”

Professor Viracheva loves classical music and realizes every opportunity to attend concerts and theatres, and cinema as well. She is interested in painting and enjoys going to museums and exhibitions. Victoria loves animals. She has got a cat. She thinks people are responsible for all animals on our planet and should take care of them.

Виктория Вирачева – профессор кафедры иностранных языков Санкт-Петербургского государственного технического университета им. Д.Ф. Устинова.


Barkanova_Lobanova_Merkulov_Stepanov   Lobanova_Stepanov_Barkanova_Merkulov

Anastasiya Lobanova is a third year student mastering the profession of an engineer of electronic systems and complexes. She is leaning English, takes part in different art activities in the university. Her hobby is photography. Vladimir Stepanov is a 4th year student of Baltic State Technical University. He studies rocket science and space ballistics. His biggest passion is history of military aviation. He is interested in practical application of the scientific achievements to everyday life. Lidia Barkanova, MA course student in the Department of Information Systems and Technologies, has a special interest in Computer Linguistics and natural language processing in particular. She works as an engineer in a software company. In her spare time she takes part in different events as a volunteer. Andrei Merkulov is a MA course student in Baltic State Technical University, Mechatronics and Robotics. For improving his skills he works as an engineer in a central research institute of robotics and cybernetics. Andrei has a special interest in geopolitics. He is keen on sport uppermost boxing.

Группа студентов и аспирантов Санкт-Петербургского государственного технического университета им. Д.Ф. Устинова: Лидия Барканова (аспирантура), Анастасия Лобанова (3 курс), Андрей Меркулов (аспирантура), Владимир Степанов (4 курс). Специальности: информатика и вычислительная техника, радиоэлектронные системы и комплексы, мехатроника и робототехника, навигационно-баллистическое обеспечение применения космической техники.