Michael Gruenbaum

Commenting on the performance of Maria Lyudko
at the Harvard University Lowell House

October 25, 2015

Ludmilla:  It was TERRIFIC !  What a voice Maria  has!  At times so strong and at times very soft – tremendous control!  And when I found out about the program I wondered how you could have a soprano accompanied by a clarinetist.  The answer is: very well!  I liked best the Puccini aria (probably - because I knew it and it’s so melodious.) and the encore (what was that? – it was really great! It was so whimsical!)  My friends all like it as well.  Many thanks!

And I am so glad we were able to sing Happy Birthday to Maria – that’s something she will never forget… And of course cudos go to you, for always finding first class performers to participate in these festivals!  I don’t know how you manage to keep up an find out who is so good !