Han Nah Son
May 4, 2015

Dear Dr. Leibman,

Hello, this is Hannah.
How do you do?

I am finally finishing up my last requirement for the DMA.

I don't know how much I am grateful to you and Educational Bridge Project
for making this happen: travel to St. Petersburg, meeting in person with Slonimsky,
Prof. Nesterova and Kruglik and Prof. Tanonov. I will surely write letter and send gifts to them after everything is done.

I will have the video recording and I will share it with you afterwards.

I wish you have wonderful trip to Russia and I hope to talk to you soon when you come back.

Thank you so much.

Han Nah Son
P.S. I am attaching the poster.

Han Nah Son, Lecture - Recital: Poster

Post Shostakovich Composers:
Sergei Slonimsky and Boris Tishchenko
May 7, 2015, 2 pm at Boston University