Dear Friends of the Educational Bridge Project,

I have just come back from Paris where on January 28th I was honored to be invited to the session of UNESCO dedicated to the commemoration of the Holocaust. Among the many extraordinary things that I witnessed that day, was a dialogue by my good friend, Guila Clara Kessous, and the famous French actor Francis Huster. They were reading the text written by Jean-Claude Grumberg about the memories of a boy who was the only one of his family to have survived the Holocaust. Francis Huster was that boy, and Guila played the roles of individuals he wished he could talk to-- his God, his Mother, and his Father.

I was moved to tears by their performance and I VERY rarely cry. Immediately after the performance I ran to the green room and asked if Guila would agree to perform this dialogue at both of the Educational Bridge Project’s festivals of 2013 – in Moscow in May and in Boston in November. The boy’s role would be played by the Russian-Dutch actor Georges Devdariani, whom we were lucky to have with us last fall (he is fluent in about all European languages). I am so excited to report to you that they have AGREED!

Come with us to Moscow (May 13-16), St. Petersburg (May 17-25), and to Boston (November 1-7), and see this incredible performance.

Meanwhile, we are working on a detailed program for the 2013 spring festival, and I will be in touch with you when the whole schedule is nailed down.