Educational Bridge Project
24th American-Russian Festival, Fall 2013
Boston, USA
October 25 - November 8, 2013

Festival Brochures, PDF:

Festival Preview:

Educational Bridge Project’s 24th Russian-American festival will present 24 events dedicated to music, pedagogy, and performances. Coincidentally, this number reminds us of the piano repertoires of Bach who authored 24 Preludes and Fugues in two volumes of his Well-Tempered Clavier and of Chopin who composed 24 Piano Preludes. There is even a current film about the Estonian composer Arvo Part entitled “24 Preludes for a Fugue”!

On Sunday, October 27, 2 p.m., Harvard University's Lowell House (10 Holyoke Place, Cambridge) will host the Educational Bridge Project’s annual A Musical Afternoon at Harvard with a program of classical and contemporary music, with some of the composers in the audience.

The well-known Russian piano pedagogue, Zora Tsuker, will give a master-class at the New England Conservatory on Saturday, November 2, 2 p.m. (location to be announced). On the same day, November 2, at 3 p.m. M. Steinert & Sons (162 Boylston St., Boston), for the third year in a row, will host a festival event dedicated to piano music of Russia and America performed by young Russian and American musicians.

Professor Tsuker’s celebrated Russian pupil, the 2007 Laureate of the Tchaikovsky International Competition, Miroslav Kultyshev, will spend four days in Boston, from November 5th to 8th.  His first concert will take place on Tuesday, November 5, 8 p.m. at the Tsai Performance Center, Boston University (Commonwealth Ave., Boston).

The festival dates are: October 25 - November 8, 2013. All events of the Educational Bridge Project’s festival are free.  Please check the website for updates.

Dr. Ludmilla Leibman

Executive Director


Press Release - October 19, 2013

24th Annual Russian-American Festival - Days of Russian Culture in America

For Immediate Release.  Contact Ludmilla Leibman 617-512-1712617-512-1712 , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

BOSTON: The Educational Bridge Project announces its 24th Annual Russian-American Festival, Days of Russian Culture in America, which features musicians and lecturers from prestigious cultural and educational institutions including St. Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory, St. Petersburg Mining University, Baltic State Technical University, Harvard University, Boston University, Boston Conservatory, Sharon Music Academy, New England Conservatory and Tufts University. All programs of the Festival are free. For a full schedule of events and concerts visit - Current Festival

Highlights of the festival include:

  • Book Presentation: Daphne Kalotay, author of the international bestseller Russian Winter (2010), will read from her new novel, Sight Reading, which features a young violinist’s progression from student at the Boston Conservatory to professional performer in the Boston Symphony Orchestra (10/26, 7 p.m., Boston University, College of Fine Arts)

  • Composers Seminar: Svetlana Nesterova has been a prize-winner of the Mariinsky Theatre's Russian opera composition competition with her one act opera The Lawsuit. Her String Quartet, On the Departure from St. Petersburg to Boston, will have its American premiere at the Festival. Composer, pianist and music manager Nina Siniakova was the winner of the Melodia Women’s Choir NYC Commission Competition. She will perform her new piano compositions (10/28, 4:30 p.m., Tufts University, Granoff Center)

  • Film Presentation: Grigory Amnuel has authored, produced and directed more than 30 political, musical, and sports movies. He has been a prize winner of the international film festivals in Italy, Spain, Russia and Poland. G. Amnuel will be presenting his film, Galina Vishnevskaya – The Return, on opera star, wife of Mstislav Rostropovich and friend of Alexander Solzhenitsyn (10/30, 10:30 a.m., Massachusetts Club of Russian-Speaking Scientists).

  • Master Classes: Zora Tsuker teaches piano at the renowned Central Special Music School-Lyceum of the St. Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory. Among her former students is International Tchaikovsky Competition 2007 Laureate Miroslav Kultyshev (10/30, 4 p.m., the Boston Conservatory and 11/2, 2 p.m., the New England Conservatory). Saveliy Shalman is a prominent violin teacher and performer, professor at the Central Special Music School-Lyceum of the St. Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory. Among his pupils are Alexander Velinzon, assistant concertmaster of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and many other members of leading Russian, European and American orchestras. His students have won numerous international violin competitions all over the world (11/3, 5 p.m., Sharon Music Academy and 11/4, 7 p.m., the Boston Conservatory). Six of Dr. Shalman’s present students, ages eight to sixteen, will perform at the festival (11/2, 3 p.m. Steinert Hall, 11/3, 8 p.m. Russian Aesthetic Center for Kids “Lukomorye,” 11/6, 7p.m. Sharon Music Academy)

  • Rising Star: Alexey Osipov regularly performs in the major concert halls of St Petersburg as well as in Holland, Spain, Germany and Switzerland. He has been a first prize winner at the International Violin Competition in Paris (2005) and the International Violin Competition "Premio Rodolfo Lipizer" in Italy (2009). Osipov will perform Sonatas by Brahms, Debussy, Franck with Constantine Finehouse (10/29, Boston Athenaeum)

  • Star performer Miroslav Kultyshev - In 2007 he won the XIII International Tchaikovsky Competition. Former winners were Van Cliburn and Vladimir Ashkenazy. In 2012 Kultyshev became the winner of the Monte Carlo Piano Masters International Competition. He will present a major concert at Boston University’s Tsai Performance Center of music of Beethoven, Chopin and Schumann (11/5, 8 p.m.)

About The Educational Bridge Project

The Educational Bridge Project was first established in 1997 by Boston University Professor Ludmilla Leibman to foster the exchange of music and musicians between Boston and St. Petersburg. Twenty three festivals have brought together hundreds of musicians, art historians, museum curators and educators to collaborate in performances, share ideas in discussions and learn about new teaching methods. Through these initiatives the Project has contributed to building artistic, educational and humanitarian bridges between the peoples of the United States and Russia. The performances where Americans and Russians have shared concert stages have delighted audiences of music lovers of both countries, from school children to college students to community groups. The Educational Bridge Project is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization.


Artistic Exchange and Cultural Understanding



Festival Contributors
Boston Athenaeum
Boston University
Boston Hotel Buckminster
Harvard Musical Association
John Carey
Massachusetts Cultural Council
Ann Bajart and Anthony Schemmer
Sharon Music Academy
St. Botolph Club
M. Steinert & Sons
The Boston Conservatory
Tufts University

Dr. Ludmilla Leibman, Founder and Executive Director
All events are free of charge


Friday, October 25
8 p.m., Last Friday Club (by invitation)
Presentation by Grigory Amnuel, Moscow politician and film producer, about his
film: Galina Vishnevskaya: Return. Introduction by Vladimir Taytslin  - PDF

Saturday, October 26
7 p.m., Boston University, College of Fine Arts (CFA), Marshall Room
Sight Reading - Daphne Kalotay’s book presentation with musical performances by
Anthony Green (piano), Amy Hong (flute), Aaron Larget-Caplan (guitar),
Minghui Lin (cello), Alexey Osipov (violin), and Constantine Finehouse (piano)   PDF

Sunday, October 27
1 p.m., Lowell House, Harvard University ‐ Ringing of the Russian Bells
2:15 p.m., Lowell House, Harvard University, Junior Common Room
An Afternoon of Classical Music: Anthony Green, Amy Hong, Alexey Osipov

Monday, October 28
4:30 p.m., Tufts University, Granoff Music Center, Department of Music
Composers Seminar: Presenters – composers Vasiliy Medved (Piano Sonata),
Svetlana Nesterova (String Quartet, On the departure from St. Petersburg to Boston),
and Nina Siniakova (piano compositions). Performers: Anthony Green (piano),
Nelli Jabotinsky, (violin), Ming-­‐‑Hui Lin, (cello), Alexey Osipov (violin), Dimitar
Petkov (viola)
7:30 p.m., Harvard University, Mather House, Senior Common Room (by
invitation) Senior Dinner -­ Incidental Music: Russian and American musicians:
Amy Hong (flute), Alexey Osipov (violin), and Constantine Finehouse (piano)

Tuesday, October 29
9 a.m., English as a Second Language – Marina Ivanova and Alexey Mikheyev
observe and discuss class taught by Elizabeth Cabot
6 p.m., Boston Athenaeum
Autumn Interludes: Classical Sonatas of Brahms, Debussy, and Franck performed
by Alexey Osipov (violin) and Constantine Finehouse (piano)

Wednesday, October 30
10 a.m., Boston University School of Theology, room 625
Marina Ivanova and Alexey Mikheev: pedagogical observation and discussion
with Olga Livshin, Department of Modern Languages and Comparative Literature
10:30 a.m., Massachusetts Club of Russian - Speaking Scientists
Presentation by Grigory Amnuel, Moscow politician and film producer, about his
film, “Galina Vishnevskaya: Return” (in Russian)
4 p.m., The Boston Conservatory, Seaully Hall
Piano Performance Seminar: Zora Tsuker’s master class
4:30-7:15 p.m. Tufts University, Olin Center, r. 107 Marina Ivanova and
Alexey Mikheyev invited for pedagogical observation of Saskia Stoessel
class at Tufts on "Linguistic approaches to second language acquisition

Thursday, October 31
5:30 p.m., Boston University School of Education
Test Show: Presentation by Tatiana Kholostova on her methodology of teaching English
6 p.m., St. Botolph Club (by invitation)
Concert by Alexey Osipov (violin) and Constantine Finehouse (piano):
Violin/piano Sonatas by Debussy, Franck, and a Halloween surprise

Friday, November 1
1 p.m., Boston Symphony Orchestra, tour and concert: Ravel, Penderecki, Elgar
1:30 p.m., Wellesley College
Marina Ivanova and Alexey Mikheev: pedagogical observation and discussion
with Professor Alla Epsteyn, Russian Language department
4 p.m., Boston University, College of Fine Arts (CFA), School of Music, r. 216
Encounter – meeting the celebrated Russian piano pedagogue Zora Tsuker - PDF

Saturday, November 2
2 p.m., New England Conservatory, Preparatory Division
Zora Tsuker’s master class
3 p.m., Steinert Hall
Flight of the Bumble-Bees - Concert of young (and very young) pianists and
violinists, students of famous teachers from Boston and St. Petersburg: Tatyana
Dudochkin, Irina Gelman, Tanya Schwartzman and Saveliy Shalman

Sunday, November 3
3 p.m., Residence of John Carey (by invitation)
An Invitation to the Dance: performances by young pianists from Boston and
young violinists from St. Petersburg with renowned storyteller Diane Edgecomb
narrating the story of Kurdish Cinderella
5 p.m., Sharon Music Academy
Masters and Apprentices: Violin master class by Saveliy Shalman
8 p.m., Lukomorye - A Russian Aesthetic Center for Kids
Concert of young violinists from St. Petersburg, students of Saveliy Shalman

Monday, November 4
4 p.m., Boston University, CFA, Marshall Room
Encounter – meeting Miroslav Kultyshev, the 2007 winner of the Tchaikovsky
International Competition - PDF
7 p.m., The Boston Conservatory
Saveliy Shalman conducts a master class with the string department students

Tuesday, November 5
8 p.m., Boston University, Tsai Performance Center

Piano recital by Miroslav Kultyshev: Beethoven, Schumann and Chopin - PDF
 > from the Boston Musical Intelligencer

Wednesday, November 6
4 p.m., Harvard Graduate School of Education
Pedagogical observation of Professor Rachel Otty’s class in teaching methods by
Tatiana Kholostova
7 p.m., Sharon Music Academy
Concert of young violinists and pianists from St. Petersburg and Boston

Thursday, November 7
7 p.m., Harvard Musical Association (by invitation)
A Concert of American and Russian Music -­‐‑ Bookends of the Classical and Contemporary
by young pianists, violinists, and composers from Boston and St. Petersburg

Friday, November 8 -­‐‑ Closing Day of the Festival
8 p.m., Harvard Musical Association (by invitation)
An Evening of Chopin -­‐‑ performed by Miroslav Kultyshev


25 октября - 8 ноября, 2013 г.

Бостон, США

25 октября

17 ч. Григорий Амнуэль в Русском Клубе "Последняя пятница" (по приглашениям)

26 октября

19 ч. Презентация книги Дафни Калотэй "Чтение с листа" и концерт в Школе музыки Бостонского университета: Алексей Осипов, Константин Файнхауз, Ами Хонг, Антони Грин

27 октября

13.00 Русские колокола в Гарвардском университете (Лоэл Хауз)
14.15 Музыкальный полдень в Гарвардском университете (Лоэл Хауз): Алексей Осипов, Ами Хонг, Антони Грин

28 октября

16.30 Композиторский семинар в Тафтском университете
19.30 Молодые российские музыканты на вечере у будущих выпускников Гарвардского университета (Матер Хауз): Алексей Осипов, Константин Файнхауз, Ами Хонг (по приглашениям)

29 октября

9 ч. Mарина Иванова и Алексей Михеев на уроке Элизабет Кэбот: английский как второй язык - педагогический обзор и дискуссия
18 ч. Концерт Алексея Осипова и Константин Файнхауза в Бостонском Атэнауме

30 октября

10 ч. Mарина Иванова и Алексей Михеев на уроке Ольги Лившин в Бостонском университете: педагогический обзор и дискуссия
10.30 Григорий Амнуэль в Клубе русскоязычных ученых
16 ч. Мастер класс Зоры Цукер в Бостонской консерватории
16.30 Mарина Иванова и Алексей Михеев на уроке Саскии Стоссел в Тафтском университете: педагогический обзор и дискуссия

31 октября

17.30 «Тест-шоу» - презентация Татьяны Холостовой в Бостонском университете
18 ч. Концерт Алексея Осипова и Константина Файнхауза в Клубе С. Бутоф (по приглашениям)

1 ноября

13 ч. Экскурсия и концерт Бостонского симфонического оркестра (по приглашениям)
13.30 Mарина Иванова и Алексей Михеев в Веллсли колледже: педагогический обзор и дискуссия курса Аллы Эпштейн
16 ч. Встреча с Зорой Цукер на фортепианном отделе Бостонского университета

2 ноября

14 ч. Мастер класс З. Цукер в Консерватории новой Англии
15 ч. Концерт юных музыкантов Бостона и СПб. в Стейнерт

3 ноября

15 ч. Прием в честь гостей 24-го фестиваля проекта "Образовательный мост" в частной резиденции Джона Кэри (Веллсли Хиллс)
17 ч. Мастер класс Савелия Шальмана в Музыкальной Академии Шэрона
20 ч. Концерт учеников Савелия Шальмана в Детском эстетическом центре «Лукоморье»

4 ноября

16 ч. Встреча с Мирославом Култышевым на фортепианном отделе Бостонского университета
19 ч. Мастер класс Савелия Шальмана в Бостонской консерватории

5 ноября

20 ч. Концерт Мирослава Култышева в Тсай центре Бостонского университета - PDF

6 ноября

16 ч. Татьяна Холостова в Гарвардском университете: педагогический обзор и дискуссия курса Рэйчел Отти
18 ч. Концерт Мирослава Култышева в Чилтон Клубе (по приглашениям)
19 ч. Концерт юных музыкантов Бостона и Санкт-Петербурга в Музыкальной Академии Шэрона

7 ноября

19 ч. Концерт музыкантов Бостона и Санкт-Петербурга в Гарвардской Музыкальной Ассоциации (по приглашениям)

8 ноября

20 ч. Концерт Мирослава Култышева в Гарвардской Музыкальной Ассоциации (по приглашениям)


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