Educational Bridge Project’s 22nd Festival:

Fall 2012 Schedule of Events
 (updated 10/29/2012)

Festival Brochure, Schedule of Events, and Participants - PDF

Thursday, October 25

10 a.m. Boston University, College of Fine Arts (CFA), Concert Hall:  celebrated Russian piano pedagogue Zora Tsuker’s master-class   (poster)

3:30 p.m., Library of the JCHE, Brighton (for residents only):  Diana Vinkovetsky, author of 7 books and 8 essays, recipient of literary awards, “Master Class” and “Tsarskoselskaya,” presents her new book, Revelations and Humility of the Cat Osif   (poster)

7:30 p.m., Harvard Musical Association (by invitation):  Across the Blue Ocean – a Concert of American and Russian Music: compositions by Matti Kovler, Rachel Anna Kuznetsov, Sergei Prokofiev, Tony Schemmer, and Nina Siniakova  (program)

Friday, October 26

6:30 p.m., St. Botolph Club (by invitation):  Concert by Alexey Stadler (cello) and Karina Sposobina (piano)

7 p.m., Boston University, CFA Concert Hall:  Sharing the Stage – Anna Shakina and Alexey Grigoriev from St. Petersburg Conservatory, along with Anna Arazi, Leon Bernsdorf, and Alexia Mouza from Boston University, present a concert of classical piano music  (Alexey Grigoriev: MC-1, MC-2, MC-3)  (Anna Shakina: Ch-B, Ch-S)   (poster-1poster-2

Saturday, October 27

11 a.m. Sharon Music Academy:  Masters and Apprentices:  Piano master class by Zora Tsuker  (poster)

2 p.m. Harvard University, Eliot House, Library: A Musical Exchange - St. Petersburg Conservatory and Harvard University students - Wesley Chen, Alexey Grigoriev, Alexander Ioffreda, Anna Shakina, Yaroslava Serdobolskaya, and Nancy Zhou – as well as Resident Tutor Joseph Fort participate

8 p.m, Wellesley College, Jewett Auditorium:  From Davydof to Schnittke: a concert of Russian music, Alexey Stadler (cello) and Karina Sposobina (piano)


Sunday, October 28

1 p.m. Ringing of the Russian Bells - Lowell House, Harvard University

2:15 p.m. Harvard University, Lowell House, Junior Common Room:  An Afternoon of Classical Music: Anna Shakina, Alexey Grigoriev, Yaroslava Serdobolskaya, Alexey Stadler, and Karina Sposobina     (poster)  (program)


Monday, October 29

3 p.m. Newbury Court:  A Musical Afternoon at Newbury Court: Anna Shakina, Alexey Grigoriev, Yaroslava Serdobolskaya  (event cancelled because of the hurricane)

7 p.m. Wellesley College Club (by invitation):  Alexey Stadler leads a discussion with the students on the specificities of Russian music  (event cancelled because of the hurricane)

Tuesday, October 30

10:30 a.m. Boston University, CFA, r. 165 (closed to the public):  Professor of choral conducting from the Moscow Conservatory Alexander Soloviev meets with the choral conducting students of Boston University and presents pieces from Russian choral repertoire

6:30 p.m. Boston University, George Sherman Union, Conference Auditorium:  An Oktoberfest of Music: Actor Georges Devdariani and young Russian pianists, Anna Shakina, Alexey Grigoriev, and Yaroslava Serdobolskaya, perform for Boston University freshman students

8 p.m. Boston University, CFA Concert Hall:  Concert with Historical Commentaries - compositions written at Terezin by Viktor Ullmann during WWII, arrangements of Yiddish songs by Matti Kovler, and two choruses from Ruth Lomon’s Oratorio, “Testimony of Witnesses” - performed by American and Russian musicians   (poster-1poster-2poster-3)

Wednesday, October 31: Halloween celebration!

4 p.m. New England Conservatory, Pierce Hall:  Distinguished Moscow Conservatory Professor Vladimir Tarnopolski talks about his 2006 opera, “Beyond the Shadow.” After Plato    (poster(event cancelled - aftermath of the hurricane, Prof. Tarnopolski's flights were cancelled and he was not able to arrive to Boston in time)


Thursday, November 1

9:30 a.m. Boston University, Mugar Library, r. 205:  Kurt Weill: An Exploration of Music and Politics. BU alumnus Daniel DeBonis presents an appreciation of the music of Kurt Weill with special attention to the political context of the composer's life and works    (poster (cancelled - aftermath of the hurricane)

11:30 a.m., Boston University, Center for Student Services, r. 313:  Georges Devdariani meets with junior and senior year students of the Russian Theater course  

12:30 p.m., Boston University, CAS, r. 427:  Georges Devdariani performs and coaches students of Professor Eubanks on “Uncle Vanya”   (poster)

3:30 p.m., Boston University, CAS, r. 227:  Kurt Weill: An Exploration of Music and Politics, talk by Alumnus Daniel DeBonis    (poster)   (cancelled - aftermath of the hurricane)

7:30 p.m. Harvard University, Mather House, Senior Common Room (by invitation):  Performance at the Senior Dinner: Anna Shakina, Alexey Grigoriev, and Yaroslava Serdobolskaya


Friday, November 2

1:30 p.m. Concert and tour of the Boston Symphony for the festival participants


Saturday, November 3

4 p.m. Steinert Hall:  Elegant Giraffe, a concert of 20th and 21st century music. Compositions by Brian Christian, Rachel Anna Kuznetsov, Andrew Gritsevskiy, Nicholas Bernhard Rommel, Phillip Mazza, Sergei Prokofiev, Tony Schemmer, and Tanya Schwartzman    (poster)

7:30 p.m. Unitarian Universalist Society of Wellesley HillsConcert of classical music performed by Maria Lyudko (coloratura soprano), Georges Devdariani (clarinet), and Yevgenia Semeina-Maroyan (organ)


Sunday, November 4

10:30 a.m. Zabota Community Center:  Writer Diana Vinkovetsky presents her new book, Revelations and Humility of the Cat Osif     (poster)

Monday, November 5

5 p.m. Boston University, Elie Wiesel Center for Judaic Studies:  We Will Never Die, a presentation by Bret Werb, Music Collection Curator of the Holocaust Museum, Washington, DC, that traces the genesis and fate of a “propaganda pageant” created in 1943 by Hollywood screenwriter Ben Hecht, Broadway composer Kurt Weill, and Zionist activist Peter Bergson     (poster)



For Immediate Release: September 26, 2012

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Annual Russian-American Festival of Artistic Exchange and Cultural Understanding

October 25 – November 5, 2012

BOSTON: The Educational Bridge Project announces its 22nd Annual Russian-American Festival.

The 22nd festival of the Educational Bridge Project will introduce talented artists from both nations. What began as an exchange between Boston University and the St. Petersburg Conservatory has now grown to include many other academic institutions. The Project’s mission is to foster long-term relationships among musicians, composers, opera singers, visual artists, writers and filmmakers, and to develop mutual understanding between people of America and Russia.

Participants this year will be Harvard College, Wellesley College, the New England Conservatory, Boston University, the Moscow Conservatory and the St. Petersburg Conservatory.

Taking place this fall in Boston, the 22nd Annual Russian-American Festival invites back a number of past participants, providing a variety of forums at which to renew collaborative performances. Young St. Petersburg pianist virtuosi will join musicians from Boston University, Harvard University, and the New England Conservatory in presenting programs of classical and contemporary music at Harvard University, Boston University’s College of Fine Arts, New England Conservatory, Steinert Hall, the Harvard Musical Association, the St. Botolph Club, and the Jewett Auditorium of Wellesley College.

Among the Russian artists will be conductor Alexander Solovyev, composer Vladimir Tarnopolski, actor Georges Devdariani, librettist Yuri Dimitrin, renowned piano pedagogue Zoryat Tsuker and her students, cellist Alexey Stadler and pianist Karina Sposobina. In addition, the music of American composers Ruth Lomon, Tony Schemmer, Matti Kovler, Nina Siniakova, and Brian Christian which was performed in St. Petersburg and Moscow during previous festivals, will be performed again this fall.

Highlights include:

  • “Sharing the Stage,” a collaborative piano concert performed by St. Petersburg Conservatory and Boston University students (BU CFA, 10/26, 7 pm) The program will include works by Rachmaninov, Tchaikovsky, and others.

  • A cello/piano recital of Russian music of the 19th and 20th centuries by Alexey Stadler and Karina Sposobina (Jewett Auditorium, Wellesley College, 10/27, 7 pm)

  • “A Sunday Afternoon of Music” at Lowell House, Harvard (10/28, 2 pm) preceded by the ringing of Lowell House’s Russian bells. This program performed by Alexey Grigoriev, Anna Shakina, and Yaroslava Serdobolskaya will include contemporary and classical compositions.

  • “Concerts with Historic Commentaries” – Boston composer Ruth Lomon’s musical remembrances of the concentration camps and the Jewish ghettos performed by Boston singers under the baton of the Moscow Conservatory’s conductor Alexander Soloviev with solo and ensemble performances by St. Petersburg musicians (BU CFA, 10/30, 7 pm)

  • A presentation by Bret Werb, Music Collection Curator at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, tracing the genesis and fate of We Will Never Die, a large-scale touring “propaganda pageant” created in 1943 by Hollywood screenwriter Ben Hecht, Broadway composer Kurt Weill and Zionist activist Peter Bergson (BU, Elie Wiesel Center, 11/5, 5 pm)