Thank you so much for including me in the tour. It was definitely an experience of a lifetime! I feel so fortunate to have spent that time with Jennifer, but also to have met all the wonderful people (both American and Russian) that were connected to the program. I think wonderful people gravitate towards you!

I appreciate what a logistical challenge it is to organize such a program and diverse group. You did such a good job of it though!

We fell in love with St Petersburg – and getting to know the “olgas”/librarians was a treat. I would like to send each of them a note...

One group I was thinking about the other day was the High School that we toured the day you were sick. They put on such a wonderful tour and afternoon program for us. As mentioned, they are hoping to find an equivalent school in the US where an exchange can take place.  I am sure that you sent a note them….but if you correspond again, please let them know how much we enjoyed the afternoon.

I hope you were able to get some rest at some point, and really get rid of your cold.  It seems like you never slept!

Thanks again for introducing us to Russia.

Best wishes,