Dear Friends of the Educational Bridge Project,

We have just completed our largest and most ambitious festival, measured by the number of participants, events, venues, new contacts, and the outpourings of appreciation. More than two hundred people participated, and more than twenty events took place over a period of only sixteen days.

We are most proud of the fact that many of these participants who had met on previous festivals, met again. Thus, young American composers Matt Van Brink and Ramon Castillo hosted young composers from St. Petersburg back in 2001. Years later, the former students reunited as teachers and recognized composers.

International collaboration in culture and education is the key to the Educational Bridge Project. As in the past, Americans shared concert stages with Russian musicians, and again, Boston professors worked with Russian students.

Despite the euphoria of our successes, we must face the reality of our circumstances in the economic downturn. In order to continue creating these incredible festivals, we are compelled to ask for your financial support. Please help us to meet our goal.